ISBA has an elected Board of Trustees. The board consists of between eight and 12 members. In addition, Scottish schools are represented by the Chair of the Scottish Bursars' Association who is a co-opted member.

The members of the ISBA Board are all serving bursars or school business managers and bring expertise from a variety of backgrounds. They use their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide strategic direction to the association.

Board members serve for three years and they may seek re-election for a further period of three years. After this they leave the Board unless elected either Vice Chair or Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM) and may not hold office for more than three years. ISBA is governed by its Articles of Association

The ISBA Board must hold at least three meetings a year.  In practice, the Board aims to meet during January, March, May, July and November.