Biology Technician

The Opportunity

Knowledge and experience of the Biology Technician role is not required. You will be supported with developing an understanding of handling chemicals safely and how to support with preparing and clearing away practical equipment. Initially the role will include the following and there will be opportunity to develop.

  1. Supporting the Senior Technician with the smooth day-to-day running of the Biology Prep room, with a particular focus on washing up and some administration.
  2. The clearing away, cleaning and storage of equipment etc. after a practical session and ensuring that laboratories and teaching rooms are safe, clean, and tidy.
  3. Cleaning of all glassware. In most instances glassware will need to be loaded into the glass washer, but some pieces of glassware will need to be handwashed.
  4. The clearing away of dissection specimens and cleaning of all associated equipment.
  5. Cleaners are provided by the Domestic Bursar but generally they cope with floor and surfaces that do not carry equipment or books. Technicians should be prepared to wipe down benches and shelves where necessary.
  6. Ensuring that laboratories and Prep rooms are kept locked when a member of staff is not present.
  7. Animal husbandry required involving insects/snails/bearded dragon etc. Require regular feeding and cleaning of enclosures.
  8. Preparation of practical trays and equipment for class practical investigations and class demonstrations. Checking that the equipment is provided in the required quantities and that all the apparatus is in working order.
  9. Making certain that appropriate safety notices are displayed during practical work.
  10. Supporting Senior Technician and Department for two Saturdays a year for Open mornings.
  11. Administration of textbooks and folders at the start of the academic year. In addition to supporting the Head of Biology in tracking returns of textbooks and students that need to be billed.
  12. Coordinating any large printing jobs, such as printing for exams.
  13. Assisting with classroom and corridor displays, taking down old displays and putting up new material.

How to apply

Candidates must complete an application form, and submit it to

Details of the vacancy can be found on the school website at:

Job Summary

Closing date:
Northwood, Middlesex
£12,970 - £15,014 per annum (Dependent on experience, qualification and skills)
Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood
Sandy Lodge
Moor Park